Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monsters in the Dark

Genevieve and Shane have started a Halloween ritual! Every evening when he gets home from work, they go upstairs to turn on the Halloween decorations. See above picture. "Monsters in the dark!" is Genevieve's new phrase. She even puts her hands up by her face and changes her voice to say it! I have no clue where she got this from. It is quite hysterical. Besides sounding like a monster, she has also started counting to three in Chinese! Thanks Kai-Lan! Take THAT International School. That's right...My child can count in Chinese and I didn't have to pay a dime. And they say TV is "bad" for kids.

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  1. My daughter watches that show too! But right now she is OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba...and now I watch it with her because they have cool actors and musicians that cameo!

    I wanna see some of your tats! Post pics!

    Threading your machine can be hard...I had read my manual like 10 times. And I once took it back to the dealer because I thought it was broken, but I threaded it wrong! Anyhow, I taught myself to quilt my reading other mom's blogs who quilt! is a perfect starting point. She has lots of tutorials on her sidebar and a couple quilt alongs.

    Only if we lived closer together I could show you!

    It's lots of fun and I love seeing the finished project. And think of all the cute stuff you can make for your kids!