Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog or Not

So, I spent most of my day thinking about what to blog about. I might be a little obsessed. It did, however, prompt me to take new pictures of Genevieve. My day, like most when we don't have Jake, was pretty eventless. I am swearing off Facebook for a while. I find it to be a breeding ground for drama. Jake is feeling better. Hopefully he will be able to play soccer Saturday. Charlie is still awake. He must be growing, because he took a bottle during the night (something he hasn't done in over a month). Shane brought home a six-pack of Bud (yes, we are poor) and we rated people on Hot or Not before dinner. Amazing how fun judging others can be! Oh yeah, I need a new phone. My battery keeps dying during gossip gab with Jen. Ugh.

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